Adding Ken Burns

When we was showing one of our teachers our opening sequence he gave us a recommendation about adding a really great effect to the sequence that would improve the shots and add a little more to the sequence, this effect is known as the ‘Ken Burns Effect’. We added this to a shot where the antagonist is wielding a gun by his side, during this particular shot the camera slowly zooms into the handgun as the hand shakes, once it zooms in to a certain degree the screen changes to the next shot.

I added this by simply highlighting (Or clicking…) on the shot I want to add it to, then I clicked on the ‘crop’ tool just beneath the small picture showcasing the shots we have put together.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 10.16.54

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 10.14.47

Once I had done that the Ken Burns feature opened up on the screen, all I did once this had happened was to drag the box that determined where the camera was going to zoom in too and entered this by pressing the ‘enter’ button on the keyboard.Screenshot (17)

By adding this Ken Burns effect into the sequence it gives the sequence a much better feel and emotion, this ultimately centralizes the handgun as something of importance within the scene and gives the audience the connotations that it might be used within the next minutes or seconds within the sequence. Effectively we added this small be delicate effect in to give the audience a sense of tension and maybe even death because people with their own experience of the genre should understand that this kind of shot means that something significant is about to happen and it all centers around the handgun.

Here is an example showcasing the Ken Burns effect in action within our opening sequence…

Intent_To_Supply_AS_Media_Coursework (4)


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