Adding a Soundtrack

When thinking about the type of music (or ambient sound) we wanted for the sequence it became a difficult task because for us it was hard to think about and locate the right sound for the opening sequence., not only that but it had to be copyright free music too. As I searched through various websites I was careful when listening to different tracks and I struggled to find one that would compliment our title sequence, as I didn’t want it to contrast and give our sequence the wrong feeling. 

I searched through numerous websites until I came to a site called – Though this website didn’t have any unique tracks I did manage to find a sound that effectively fit into our sequence and gave it the feel that we wanted it too. So all I did was simply download the file and drag it from it’s folder into the title sequence in Final Cut pro.

Once I had placed it into the sequence I played it back to effectively see if it was the right one, it was only there was a few problems. The main problem was that the track didn’t play continuously throughout the sequence so it became a task of inserting another music file into the sequence and try and match the end of one to the beginning of the other, this was to ensure that it fit together and there was continuity. Needless to say it wasn’t too much of a difficult task and it now fits perfectly into the sequence.

Soundtrack Overview


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