Evaluation – Question 2

Question 2: How does your media product represent particular social groups?

AS Media – Evaluation Questions & Answers

Character 1 – The Protagonist

The Crew - Erin

This character is a teenage male around 16-17 years of age and he comes from England, this character is presented as a middle class person and used in a more socially realistic way to the other character (The antagonist) mainly down to the different morals and ways of thinking, they simply oppose each other. At first the audience is meant to kind of sympathise with the character as he seems to be nervous with what he does, however as the sequence goes on the audience are made to think about why this character acts the way he does and why he pushes others away. The fact that he deals drugs they can almost assume he also does these drugs himself, the audience haven’t been given any incline towards this idea and therefore it is left to their imagination.

In the beginning of the sequence the character is fully clothed from head to toe, however the look seems as though he is up to something and is not what many people would normally dress like… even on a cold day. This is to fully express the seriousness of the action he is about to do and presents the idea that he may be trying to hide his identity so nobody can identify him as a person. As the scene continues and he gets to his home he takes off these clothes almost immediately, this suggests that the potential problems and dangers are no longer within his vicinity so there is no need to hide his identity, the character is perceptive and weary all the way through.

The character is portrayed as this rough, perceptive and a clever teenage male and his looks fully express this as his hair is long, untouched almost like he hasn’t brushed it for a long time with a face that looks like it hasn’t seen a shower for a couple of days too. This is a subverted stereotype especially for teenagers as they are generally known to worry about what they look like in public and are very self conscious, which this character isn’t and this is a contrast.

Character 2 – The Antagonist

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 10.13.56

The second character also portrayed as a male antagonist and is roughly the same age as the protagonist, around 16-17 years old he lives in the same village in the same country which is England and is again portrayed as a middle class teenager. In contrast to the protagonist this character is showcased as the sensible one out of the two, trying to pursued his friend to stop with the drugs, he is resilient and generally won’t take no for an answer. This is portrayed throughout the sequence in with his perception and defectiveness as he seeks to find out information about the protagonist through simple questions like ‘Where have you been?’ and ‘Are you still dealing?’ which give the suggestion that he is suspicious of him.

This character remains in the same position throughout the sequence, this suggests comfort and the fact that he may have been waiting for the protagonist to return for a while. He is still wearing his coat inside, the perception here is that he may be planning something once the protagonist returns or that he may soon be leaving again, all is shown at the end of the sequence. His hair seemingly looks like it has recently been tended to this gives us the typical signs of a stereotypical teenager where they are vein and like to look their best wherever they are. Throughout the course of the opening sequence he sits relatively comfortably with a smug look on his face which suggests that he knows information about the protagonist that he may not be sharing, or that he has his suspicions about the whole ordeal.


With these characters in place and in the sequence we can almost certainly say it will appeal to a younger audience from the ages of 16-20 and males maybe up to 25 simply because more and more teenagers are now into drugs, especially in the 21st century maybe not the type used but definitely other types and maybe they would be able to connect to the protagonist better and with the fact that the characters are teenagers it would be much easier to do this than if they were a little older. Moreover, as I have previously said the characters are generally contrasting and one of them are a typical yet unfair stereotypical teenager who does drugs the other not so and is inevitably a subverted stereotype, this would mean that two types of people would be able to connect to two very diverse personalities within this sequence.


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