Evaluation – Question 3

Question 3: What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

AS Media – Evaluation Questions & Answers

I believe that a film company like Vertigo Films would be the type to distribute our film, this is simply because it is not a Hollywood film company it is a low-budget film company. Our film isn’t a Hollywood blockbuster and this is shown through our company Ident. To find out what a distributor does ‘click here’ and you will be re-directed to a previous blog post about distributing and distributors.

I took the liberty of researching into low-budget film companies and Hollywood film companies to take a closer look at their idents they have created. This helped me to gather enough of an idea to create our own for our opening sequence; this was done by looking into the different features and aspects that idents have. I looked at the length of each ident, the creative side of each ident and the text itself and took these aspects into consideration when creating our own ident for Intent to Supply, our final piece.

Here are examples of blockbuster movie companies idents below:


When it came too looking into different company idents our group didn’t want to settle with an ident used for real film companies we wanted to creat our own to use for our final piece. When thinking of ideas for our ident I quickly looked through my research notes and researched some more on other idents for inspiration, however I knew that it didn’t have to be the best ident ever it just had to present our company so we didn’t want to make it too clever with too much going on.

To decide on what we wanted to do we had a group meeting and shared ideas and we got together to create our company ident, though most of it was down to Connor Smith for the most part in terms of the creation as he had the necessary software. We didn’t have much trouble making the decision and to prove it we didn’t have any drafts for any other ideas, so our group had a pretty good idea what we wanted.

Here is our ident below:

The ident is relatively simple and plain but that’s what we wanted to achieve with the ident just to reiterate we didn’t want there to be too much going on, we wanted to make it simple and easy to read.


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