Evaluation – Question 4

Question 4: Who would be the audience for your Media product?

AS Media – Evaluation Questions & Answers

The Cast

Above is an illustration showing you the type of people the sequence is typically aimed towards, they are 16-17 years old… But it is aimed towards teenagers 15 or over.

The audience for our opening sequence has changed over the course of our planning for our final piece, with careful consideration the age range we are aiming our opening sequence at is 15. We have come to this decision after looking at the different aspects and issues you would find in 12, 15 and 18 rated films and we then had to eliminate the different issues that were within these films. When looking at what we had included within our opening sequence in relation to the drugs and weapons we straight away decided against anything under the age of 12, however we then considered the issues further and evaluated the aspects involved in 15 rated movies, generally they include: sexually nudity, mild language, strong violence, discrimination and drug use. The aspects of 15 rated movies compared to that of 12 rated movies were a big difference and seemed fitting with the content of our particular opening sequence.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 12.24.26

Above is a screen grab from our opening sequence which shows a weapon being aimed towards another character within the sequence, this particular incident may make children watching the sequence unsettled and could upset them, especially once the gunshot towards the end happens. Furthermore, with the fact that the opening sequence is based around the use of drugs and seemingly promotes drug use and violence then we thought it would be best that the sequence should be aimed at viewers from the age of 15 or above.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 12.24.33

Here is another screen grab from our opening sequence in this shot it shows the protagonist draw a gun at the antagonist underneath the table and cocking it. This could again unsettle many younger viewers especially at the point after this particular shot as the screen then goes black and a loud gunshot is then heard, it is exaggerated by the black screen.


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