Evaluation – Question 5

Question 5: How did you attract/ address your audience?

AS Media – Evaluation Questions & Answers

In order to address the audience we created a questionnaire posted in a previous blog post called Planning & Research Questionnaire where we asked a total of 34 people what their favourite genres were when they watched a movie, the top three were; Social Realism, Comedy & Thriller. So with our opening sequence meaning to have aspects from Social Realism and Thriller we thought that these results were successful.

Following on from the last questionnaire we conducted I have chosen to create another but this time I wanted the audience to see whether they could correctly identify the genre, whether they find both Thriller & Social Realism or just one. The questionnaire and its results will be posted below.

Screenshot (8)

The results are presented through a pie chart below. We asked 15 people to re-watch our opening sequence and answer the questionnaire. When everyone had watched the content of  our opening sequence we asked them all to give us a particular scene that helped them with their choice of genre that they had chosen, many of them gave us the gun scene others the drug scene. Our group had hoped that these two scenes would make (or break) the sequence in terms of the genre and hoped they would the be the significant scenes for them viewers.

Screenshot (10)

Here is are screen-grabs of the gun scene we have within our final piece video…

The Protagonist

Shot 1:

Screenshot (23)

Shot 2:

Screenshot (24)

Shot 3:

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 12.24.33

The Antagonist

Shot 1:

Screenshot (17)

Shot 2:

Screenshot (21)

Shot 3:

Screenshot (22)

Here are the results of the second question that we asked the audience, the question was ‘do you think that there are aspects from multiple genres involved?’ and as you can see from the results many did say that there was. The specific genres people identified ranged between three genres, though this isn’t showcased within a table or graph. The three genres was Action Thriller (50% of people said this), Social Realism (35% of people said this) and Crime Thriller. (15% of people said this)

Screenshot (11)

13 out of the 15 people who re-watched our opening sequence said that they would want to watch the rest of the movie to find out what happens, the other two simply said the genre(s) aren’t what they’d usually watch. However, they did praise the sequence by saying that they knew why everything happened and what was happening… Basically good narrative.

Below are some footage of people who watched our opening sequence give us some feedback including some praise and any criticisms identified.

Feedback Number 1:

Feedback Number 2:

Feedback Number 3:

Feedback Number 4:


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