Evaluation – Question 7

Question 7: Looking back to your preliminary task, what do you feel that you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

AS Media – Evaluation Questions & Answers

Comparison (Preliminary & Final Piece)

Firstly, with the preliminary task we really didn’t put any effort or thought into what we were going to do, in comparison to the real final piece. We were told to do a few preliminary shots with dialogue where we had to incorporate the three film rules which were; the rule of thirds, match-on-action and shot, reverse shot and because we’d just been introduced to the course we didn’t really know how exactly we were to incorporate these effectively.

Below I have embedded the preliminary task video again so you can see the progress from that to the final piece.

Below I have embedded another video but this time it is of our final piece, it is much longer and has much more technologically advanced ideas and edits in place to see in comparison to the preliminary task.

Here are a few screen grabs from our preliminary video to showcase the film rules being used:

Shot, Reverse Shot

Preliminary_Task (1)

Rule of Thirds

Screenshot (14)

Rule of Thirds


This is the match-on-action we incorporated into the preliminary task it isn’t the clearest way of adding into the sequence but it shows that we have incorporated it never the less.

Preliminary_TaskHere are a few screen grabs from our final piece to compare to the ones from our preliminary task. Ultimately, the most important thing I learnt from the preliminary task was the we should film as much footage as possible as too much footage is better then not enough. If you have the footage there that you wasn’t originally going to use but one of your other shots may not be up to the correct standards you can fall back on the extra footage recorded that day instead of going out to record again, we did this and it benefited us greatly as we had everything we needed during the editing process. 

Shot, Reverse Shot

Intent_To_Supply_AS_Media_Coursework (1)

Rule of Thirds

Screenshot (17)

Rule of Thirds



The preliminary task helped us to identify the most important aspects in order to get the maximum possible grades for both the blog and the final piece… This is planning and practicing the techniques. Firstly, the main difference between our preliminary task and the final piece was that we didn’t put and planning or thoughts into what we were going to do, but realistically it is much harder to create a 2 minute opening compared to a 30 second conversation in the preliminary task. However, I definitely learnt that planning is the key to success with anything like this as there is so much that you should consider to get the best possible grade. We also learnt the fundamental techniques in the preliminary task, like match-on-action, rule of thirds and shot, reverse shot and this helped us to understand what they are and how they are to be incorporated into our final piece properly, without this we wouldn’t have known this very well… if at all. Secondly, we were obviously introduced to the editing software in order for us to edit the preliminary task, but this not only introduced us it helped us to get a feel of what editing was all about and gave us the depth we needed in order to use these skills to the best we could. Moreover, the existing skills we learnt for the preliminary task were ultimately improved and we also learnt new ones, like motion tracking and colour grading for the final piece.

Here is a brief comparison between the creation and planning of our preliminary video and final piece. 

Overall, in terms of the film making process I have learnt a lot about the new technologies and editing software as I found it very interesting and I will definitely keep the experience with me. I learnt many new skills that will not only help me with this in the future but with many other tasks that I am asked to do.


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