Microphone Testing

Last lesson we were given the task of testing the new equipment the school had recently purchased – a shotgun microphone.  At first the task was relatively simple all we needed to do was record some footage with our smartphones (in this case iPhone 5s) but at the same time record some audio with the shotgun microphone, […]

Final Preliminary Task

After I looked back at our preliminary work, I identified faults in the video that I wanted to avoid when it come to filming my opening sequence. Even though the majority of our faults came down to a lack of equipment, some were due the lack of planning and the techniques we used when filming. Editing my […]

Original Preliminary Task

*Original Video (No Edits)* Our preliminary work was recorded with the iPhone 5 over a number of lessons and edited the clips with Windows Movie Maker. We recorded the video outside which gave us a few major disadvantages with the scenery, for example; the wind was a problem as the speech was occasionally hard to […]