Editing, Foley & Filter Practice

My two group members Erin and Elton have recently carried out a test for Foley, they did this by detaching the audio from a quick clip they recorded with Erins IPhone 6. When they listened to it back they heard some similarities to the famous sound of a similar to a hit marker from the popular game series […]

Motion Tracking

Today in class we were shown very briefly a method we could potentially use within the creation of our final piece, this is known as Motion Tracking. We could use it for our title sequence, character profiles or potentially integrate them together. This method has been used in numerous movies in the past which allows […]

Case Study: Marketing ‘Avatar’

James Cameron the creator of Avatar (2009) was able to set up an immersive and original idea with the interpretation and understanding of the future inside the movie world by illustrating them within a movie through the assistance and aid of the new and exclusive 3D Cinema. Though the movie was a success, it didn’t […]

Certificate Age Ratings

All movies today are rated by the British Board of Film Classification It has the statutory requirement to classify DVD’s, Videos and sometimes video games. The various age ratings films can be rated are Universal (U), Parental Guidance (PG), 12, 12A, 15 and 18. I have recently thought about this whilst watch Television at home whilst watching […]

Different Types of Microphones

Introduction There are numerous different types of microphones that are used to record specific sounds and noises used everywhere, everyday. Dynamic Microphone The first type of microphone I am going to cover is the Dynamic Microphone. Firstly, these types of microphones are versatile and ultimately resilient to rough handling. Also, they are also inexpensive and […]

Microphone Testing

Last lesson we were given the task of testing the new equipment the school had recently purchased – a shotgun microphone.  At first the task was relatively simple all we needed to do was record some footage with our smartphones (in this case iPhone 5s) but at the same time record some audio with the shotgun microphone, […]

Foley – Research

Introduction When we went to the British Film Institute (BFI) the acting director Dexter Fletcher touched on the topic of Foley when filming for a movie. I was unfamiliar with this term so I decided to do some research into it to find out more about it. What is Foley? Foley is the reproduction of […]

BFI Film Forever

Introduction On November 12th we visited the Film Forever Institute (BFI) in London. We were then greeted by a chief examiner, highlighting the importance of different film openings available for us to create ourselves. The event that we visited was created for our purpose to aid us and give us insight of how much effort is put into […]